We are faced with many problems in society: corruption, health, wellness, law enforcement, racism, genderism, sexism, elitism, classism, homelessness, loneliness, miscommunication, assumptions, ableism, etc, etc. The list goes on and on, but they all have a throughline. Society’s ills all affect our mental, physical, and spiritual health. This result affects how we treat one another, which is called social wellness. Social Wellness is define by how we treat our fellow human beings. It’s the key to health. You can do all the health, fitness and wellness activities, but how do you treat other people? It’s time to effectively and sustainably change the world.


Social Wellness can not be a specialty or a field of expertise or an industry, social wellness needs to be the philosophy of earth. In the current climate we are dealing with severe societal issues; coronavirus, systemic racism, police brutality, sexism, genderism, etc, etc – it seems that many of these long held societal issues that have hurt our well-being are finally being addressed. We are facing cultural challenges in our city, country and the world. This opportunity is a prime vehicle to facilitate the movement towards change and be on the right side of history. We know we need change; effective, lasting, and systemic change. Society needs a complete reboot.