We’re on a mission to create a 1% kinder, nicer, and healthier world by improving our interactions and communication with others through fun and engaging experiences.

There’s more to solving loneliness than having friends and things to do – it’s about how we listen, think, behave, and how we treat others – especially in tough times. This is Social Wellness, our social well-being.

We believe for someone to be truly healthy they should be socially-well. 

We’ve got plenty to help you be kinder to strangers, make new friends, and have more meaningful connections to form deeper meaningful relationships whether you subscribe to our digital magazine, wear our apparel, or join our Social Wellness Social Club’s parties, events, or membership services – we’re here to serve you.

Meet. Mingle. Be Well.


We believe the key to health is found in social interactions,
because society impacts our mental, physical, spiritual, & emotional health. Wellvyl is a movement focused on health, inclusiveness, positive thinking, how we treat one another, and most importantly, how we’ll make a better world. We do this by getting to the core of our interactions, communication. Everything begins with how we exist in conversations.


Our apparel is designed to inspire connections, start conversations, open dialogues, and help people make new friends, healthier interactions, and relationships.


Our Social Wellness Edutainment Media Platform to help you learn how society impacts our social well-being and have better conversations.


Our experiences are designed to create connections, foster real community, and provide fun, safe, healthy, entertaining social gatherings for people who are tired of dating apps and a nightlife scene that does not serve them.


Times can be tough, complicated, and frustrating. So whether you need someone to talk to, meet for coffee, be a friend, or someone to point you in the direction to get help or get well or continue being well, we got you here at membership services


In the spirit of community, we promote other healthy fun experiences alongside our events. Our platform is for anyone producing community gatherings in the health, fitness, wellness, & healthy and safe community gatherings.

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Meet. Mingle. Be Well. And, Be Kind.