(wel-vil) noun;

Where the fitness & wellness communities come together to have fun & do cool shit in NYC.

Consisting of fun parties & unique experiences with good people.


(wel-vil) noun;

Where the health, fitness & wellness communities come together to have fun and do cool shit in NYC.

Consisting of fun parties and unique experiences with good people.


We make healthy nightlife in NYC fun!

Why can’t New York nightlife be fun and healthy? Now it can be. We throw secret dance parties, host unique tastings of the latest healthy food trends, we get down, we get weird, we have fun.

Ever since sugar-free brownies hit the shelf, there’s been this idea that health and fun can’t coexist. The health and fitness world has been dominated by boring, elitist messaging for too long.

Meanwhile, the idea of fun has been reduced to late nights and shots of bad tequila. The reality is we don’t have to sacrifice our social life to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Wellvyl, we aim to help foster balance both for people living “down the middle” as well as those living on the edge— either edge.

We believe in emphasizing positive social interactions.

Emphasizing how we treat each other while cultivating a balance between the mind, body, and soul, can create a happier, healthier human population who, in turn, can change the world. Through our events, magazine, and collaborations, we strive to support social wellness, AKA healthy relationships with ourselves and others. We believe in a post-gender, post-race, and post-politics movement and welcome diverse, like-minded individuals with the promise that that movement starts here. 

We invite you to question, to create, to demand, and join our community for some healthy fun in NYC.

Meet. Mingle. Be Well.

Being healthy can be lonely AF in NYC, we know from experience.

If you’re tying to live a healthier lifestyle we'll connect you to other good people, because we believe that your wellness is directly related to the strength of your social network and relationships.

Connect with other health conscious people.

NYC doesn’t have to be lonely!

Become a member

Do fun shit in NYC. Connect with good people IRL.

Live your best healthy life.

Join our fam, let’s keep NYC healthy, fun, and weird.



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