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1% of our revenue goes to The Social Wellness Institute, our 501(c)(3) research nonprofit, to improve human interaction and communication.

New Yorkers are social creatures by nature, but also by default. We ride the subway together, hit the gym, go to work, go to parties, and spend all day soaking up each other’s energy. That energy needs to be positive, or all of the work we do on our Mind, Body, and Soul doesn’t matter.

That’s why we love creating community, and helping you find all of the healthy fun things to do in New York outside the gym, beyond the yoga matt, and not in the boozy, toxic nightlife venues where it’s just too loud to hear the person your there to hang with. We want to help you be kinder, nicer, healthier —physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

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Mind experiences give your brain something to learn, understand, think about, and apply to your life. We are at our best when we are challenged, educated, and entertained. You’ll find your film screenings, panels, discussions, and workshops here.


Body experiences let us get physical. This includes every manifestation of being body positive: from group fitness to that self care life.

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Soul experiences are where we get mindful with it, and deepen our spiritual connection. Meditation, healing, and the performing arts are all ways we can feed our souls.


Social experiences are centered around making connections and having fun. Think dance parties minus the heels and kombucha happy hours.

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If you want us to move faster getting you access to these live experiences and all the cool new stuff - drop a line below.


Member Services
Member Services

Times can be tough, complicated, and frustrating. So whether you need someone to talk to on the phone, meet for coffee, be a wing-person, or someone to point you in the direction to get help, get well, or continue being healthy and well – you’ll have access to our team. Visit our new site to join our mailing list and apply for membership.

Ticketing Solutions
Zack Daley

In the spirit of community, we promote other healthy fun experiences alongside our events. Our platform is for anyone producing community gatherings in the health, fitness, wellness, and healthy, safe, inclusive community gatherings. You’ll be able to publish your class, event, or retreat, and even hire us to produce your next one.


Subscribing to WELLVYL MEDIA

Our social wellness edutainment platform to learn how to have a 1% kinder, nicer, healthier world through practicing social wellness, having better conversations, and discover how we developed a loneliness epidemic.


Our apparel is designed to inspire connections, start conversations, open dialogues, make new friends, have healthier interactions, and form deeper, meaningful relationships through ice-breaking messages.