Not to sound creepy, but do you ever come across a stranger and wish you could start a conversation.
We all spend at least seven hours hunched over our desks or our smartphones. It is no wonder that
Wellness to the people! Health, fitness, and wellness is popular and especially here in New York City can be elitist.
Everyone this time of year is catching their dose of the sniffles. No matter how preventative you try to
It would be silly, when talking about relationships and human connection, to not mention sex. Sex is very important.
This may be the busiest month for gyms, and for people who have made the resolution to "get healthy".
While we are all going to make more of an effort to establish a healthy social life we can
As we roll into the 2019 we are trying to start breaking bad habits and starting more healthy ones.


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  • You will be too much for some people, those aren’t your people. #findyourtribe
  • To reduce stress I do yoga… just kidding I watch 5 hours of netflix while wearing yoga pants. #netflixandchill
  • Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time! #middlefingersup