• May 2, 2017

Creating Balance through Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Social Experiences

At Wellvyl, we’re all about balance. Our events, classes, and collaborations are designed with the intention of helping you to become more well-rounded. Learn about a few of the ways we can help you achieve balance between your social life and your wellness.

Challenge Your Mind

Our Mind events are designed to challenge, educate, and entertain you. Open your mind and check out these events:

  • Film screenings
  • Panels
  • Cultural excursions

Check out our Events page to find more ways to expand your mind.

Work It Out

Your physical wellness goes far beyond fitness. We believe having a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and your own body are essential to physical wellness. Remember to take some time to pamper and appreciate your body every now and then. Our Body activities range from hip hop yoga to spa days to nutrition workshops.

Soothe Your Soul

Our Soul events are designed to stimulate your soul and help you achieve harmony. Discover what fuels your soul with the following events:

  • Group meditations
  • Artistic Performances

Make Connections

Social wellness is an important aspect of our lives. At Wellvyl, we understand just how important the power of connections are, which is why we have parties, meet-ups, and getaways that allow you to connect with others, share ideas, and create new experiences. You can make connections as often as you want with a class pass for events in Chelsea, Manhattan, or other areas of New York.