our four pillars

To create a happier, healthier world, we believe the fitness and wellness industries have the responsibility to promote health on more than just physical and individual levels. Through our magazine, store, and curated social events, we strive to foster well-rounded wellness within our community.  Influencing each part of what we do here is our belief in a complex wellness comprised of four pillars: Mind, Body, Soul, and Social.

We are a brand by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers, and much like our personalities and preferences, we don’t like our health put in any one box.


Like the circle, our minds have no beginning, and more importantly, no end in sight. Constantly changing and expanding, the mind is at its healthiest when being challenged, educated, and entertained. Drawing on our vision of a more open-minded society, our Mind events include film screenings, panels, cultural excursions, and more. Our goal is to educate, learn with you, and debunk the bullshit, one outing at a time.


Merging the soft roundness of the female body with the angularity of the male’s, this shape symbolizes our celebratory inclusiveness of all people and body types. We believe true physical wellness extends beyond fitness to also include a positive body image and healthy relationships with food, exercise, and the self. At our Body events, you’ll have the opportunity to meet like minds while celebrating your body through activities including yoga, workouts, spa days, and nutrition workshops.


According to Sacred Geometry, the triangle symbolizes harmony and illumination. Through group meditations, artistic performances, and more, we aim to help stimulate your soul to achieve just that. Our spiritual experiences— designed with people, not religions, in mind— are intended to excite your inner explorer to discover what fuels, not just feeds, your soul.


As New Yorkers, we understand the power of connections. Our parties, meet-ups, and getaways are destinations where people meet, ideas converge, and stories intersect. We’re on a mission to create a healthier world, but don’t anyone dare fuck with our party. From sippin’ green juice and gin at a healthy nightclub to having your aura read at boozy brunch, we’ve got your healthy fun right here.

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