Wellvyl membership, and the exclusive benefits that come with it, is also available to groups, such as corporations and small businesses. Among the many life-enhancing benefits the Wellvyl Membership Club brings are:

  • Discounted bulk rates ideal for corporations, businesses, and organizations. (Group rates can be discussed with a member of Wellvyl’s committee after receipt of your Wellvyl Membership Club application).
  • Access to curated Wellvyl events specially-designed for your group (corporate wellness).
  • Admission to all of Wellvyl’s curated social experiences, which are held in various locations in and around New York City and are designed to target mental, physical, spiritual, and social health. Members are also granted one free guest pass per event.
  • Access to exclusive experiences, including Wellvyl’s private (members-only) events as well as events hosted by brands and organizations belonging to Wellvyl’s affiliate network.
  • Access to personal concierge services from Wellvyl’s Meet Mingle Makers that will facilitate formal connections between members of Wellvyl’s community and your group.
  • The opportunity to organize and throw your own Wellvyl fitness, wellness, and social experiences for your friends and fellow members.
  • Special offers, discounts, and rewards from participating brands within Wellvyl’s affiliate network
  • Special offers, discounts, and rewards from Wellvyl’s online store.
  • Access to unique members-only content from Wellvyl, including editorial content and merchandise.

If you are a corporation, small business, or another type of organization and want to offer your community access to Wellvyl membership, please fill out the group application below. Once your application has been reviewed by our committee, you will be contacted to discuss group rates. In order to maintain the integrity of the Wellvyl Membership experience, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be accepted.

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