We love and hate holiday season for a number of reasons. One of them is the temptation to cheat on our diets, routines, etc. It is hard to stay healthy when you go home and visit your family. And traveling. You know the whole thing.

Here are some ways to stay healthy during the holiday season. 

Keep the sugar to a minimum.

We all crave sweets and there is always an abundance of treats at holiday parties. Don’t ban yourself from indulging. Just keep in mind the amount of added sugars and refined carbs you are about to eat. This is what contributes to the after meal naps, and those extra pounds you did not plan on gaining. Also, veggies are yummy!


Get More Sleep

Sleep during the holiday season does not always equate to bad or lazy or unhealthy. Sleep is like the best ever, you know once you get old you start to appreciate it more. But anyways, sleep affects everything. How we eat, and what we eat every day. Staying up too late chatting with the family can lead to feelings of hunger that come from trying to stay awake. And you know what happens next? Overeating. Get your 8 hours in, even while you are back home with your family and oldest friends.


Workout at Home

Instead of adding pressure to make it to the gym. Find time to do quick workouts in the comfort of your own home. Do some squats, watch a quick youtube. Then you will not feel so guilty taking seconds and thirds.


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