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Wellvyl is New York City’s conscious social club for health, fitness, and wellness-minded people. Not only are our curated social events redefining what it means to “go out” by providing alternative entertainment, but they also introduce you to like-minded people and are designed to facilitate meaningful connections, a rarity in New York’s traditional social scene.

At any given Wellvyl event, you can expect to meet someone special, whether it’s your new gym buddy, romance, business collaborator, or friend. To become a Wellvyl Member is to discover, possibly for the first time, what a “healthy social life” really is and the health and happiness it can bring.



The ‘GOOD TIMES’ Membership is designed for the person who wants more social interaction beyond the gym and studios. This membership gives you access to all of Wellvyl’s Parties.

Wellvyl’s ‘GOOD TIMES’ Membership Rate is $40 per month.

If you’re down for F (“fun” – wink), then join the GOOD TIMES Membership.

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