About Us

The Misconception that health and fun can’t coexist outside the gym is absurd. Right now in NYC the nightlife has become too many late nights out of drinking with a fear to connect with other while we are out- which just leads to more drinking! With Wellvyl we are changing that narrative with super cool events that create unique environments and experiences where we can meet like minded people in fun and healthy arenas. Fitness and healthy good times that are stress and judgement free. Our events range from dance parties, yoga gatherings, moments of meditation, healthy cooking classes and panels; all with an exciting twist. And always keeping in mind the important pillars of life- the mind, body, soul and our social connections with others.

Wellvyl isn’t another once a week class or juice diet to shove down your throat; it’s an all inclusive health and wellness movement. So Meet, Mingle & Be Well- That’s Wellvyl!

Our Events