About Us

My name is Marina and it is my belief that true wellness comes from nourishing the entire self. Health does not come solely from nutrition. Your mindfulness practice, quality sleep, and personal care routine are just a few examples of what often does more to nourish you than simply what you eat and drink.

Many health coaches don’t share this perspective, only focusing on meal plans or workout routines. Working with me is different because I believe achieving true wellness and fulfillment results from the sum of all positive everyday habits, professional choices, personal relationships, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness practice.

I believe in bio-individuality. This means no two people will have the exact same optimal nutrition profile, length of sleep, or exercise routine. We all thrive differently, given different lifestyle factors and genetics. For this reason it’s important to experiment to find what works best for you. I am passionate about helping my clients fine tune how to maximize their energy and routine based on the latest biohacking research, my Integrative Health Coach certification, and unique personal development events.

Visit my website today to find out how to get 1:1 or group coaching from me. I am certain every individual is capable of transformation and I can’t wait to see what’s possible for you!

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