About Us

Soul Wellness Travels is a wellness company that brings travelers together to share meaningful experiences.

Celebrity nutritionist, Shauna Faulisi has combined her love for wellness, travel, and connecting with others to create Soul Wellness Travels. She believes traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures and believes it should be healthy and fun. She’s a Holistic Nutritionist who works with high profile celebrities, and clients all around the word. She’s the founder of Soul Wellness Method, a nutrition and wellness concierge practice specializing in clear skin + hormone balancing.

Soul Wellness Travels approaches travel in a way that allows for new experiences, while rooting in our daily routines. We find locations with an appreciation for local food that bring in the best local chefs. And we work with them to bring you the healthiest meals.

Our curated spots allow time to move our bodies, reflect, connect, and have some fun!

Our Events