About Us

Rebecca Casciano is a makeup artist, natural beauty activist and Sacred Beauty Coach. She is on a mission to help women discover the relationship between inner health and outer beauty. Since 2010, Rebecca has worked as a makeup artist in bridal, fashion and entertainment. Her diverse clientele includes celebrities such as Mary J. Blige and Martha Stewart, in addition to wellness gurus like Gabrielle Bernstein and Latham Thomas. Her makeup artistry has appeared in magazines such as ELLE, Essence and Thoughtfully.

Throughout Rebecca’s makeup career, she has been on a personal wellness journey that has deeply influenced her approach to beauty. After struggling with cystic acne for several years, she transformed her skin and lifestyle through a plant-based diet and holistic healing modalities. Rebecca’s experience inspired her to become a certified wellness coach and help women embrace their natural beauty from the inside out. In 2015 she founded Sacred Beauty Salon Series, a global movement dedicated to empowering women through beauty and sisterhood.

Learn more about Rebecca’s offerings and programs at www.rebeccacasciano.com.

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