About Us

The NYC Healing Circle has been holding events in NYC for over 3 years, offering thousands of healing treatments during this time. Our work is based on the idea that everyone has healing abilities, and by utilizing a special group technique, healing energies can be pooled to create something much greater than the sum of their parts.

The group includes several very experienced healers and facilitators, but generally no name of any one person is highlighted, as the emphasis is on the collective nature of the experience and not on any one particular person.

“Truly amazing. I’ve attended many circles through the years and I must say, this was one of the most astounding experiences I have encountered. Loved it and plan to participate in many more.”

“Thank you for last night and for pioneering this effort in NYC. It was such a surprise to me and I had a wonderful time, lots of visualizations…truly moving.”

“Special, unique and undoubtedly the very best in the city that I have experienced.”

“I was pretty shocked at my [experience] and am still processing what happened! It was obviously some kind of release [and] I’m a bit mystified by the experience.”

“A wondrously soft and intense experience of connection…very magnetized and in tune.”

“Interesting that my intention was not what the energy worked on, it worked on what needed to be healed. Powerful stuff.”

“I am continuing to process what I’ve learned and feeling it to be even more powerful five days later…moreover, my bothersome back pain has dissipated – a really nice plus!”

“The session was deeply relaxing and by the end I felt a very distinct pulse where I’m guessing the pineal gland is located. In the very center of my head. The whole area felt activated, magnetized, and was pulsing. I’m feeling much less triggered and anxious.”

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