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She was graduated from ACI American College Institute in 1992. After studying architecture she decided to change her life totally and chose the spiritual path. She stayed in India for sometime where she got her breath therapy and meditation trainings in 2003.

She got her first transformational breath session in India and decided to get a professional training. She worked as a certified Transformational Breath facilitator and trainer for 4 years. (2004-2008) She was actually the first person bringing transformational breath to Turkey and she trained more than 2000 people in 4 years.

She got her ICF accredited life coaching certificate, finished two professional speaker courses, and The Landmark Forum in 2005. She got trainings on rebirthing and quantum coaching in 2007. She started developing her own system with a group of psychologists and neuroscientists the same year. Inspired by transformational breathing, holistic breathing, breathing therapy, rebirthing, quantum physics, life coaching and meditation tools.

She has been the founder president of NFS School of Life for 11 years, has worked with more than 100.000 people in her seminars, meetings, private sessions and workshops.

Breath Coaching is an ICF accredited Professional Training Programme. Nevsah has been training more than 1000 breath coaches around the world and most of them are certified.

In year 2015 she founded Breath Coaching Federation and she still is the Founder President of International Breath Coaching Federation, working with more than 100 nongovernmental organisations, schools and companies.

International Breath Coaching Federation is now working with behavioural science faculties on building a 2 years degree programme in Turkey, US, UK and Europe.

Nevsah has 9 best seller books and many awards.

You will be able to connect with yourself at a much deeper level the moment you meet her and your breath will definitely start changing right away.

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