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Body Soul Beauty presents Destiny by Design Reading
Using the Human Design System

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, unfulfilled or uncertain about your purpose, or if you’ve reached a level of success but there is still a void in your life, Destiny by Design can provide the missing piece.

Transformation Begins Within

Imagine discovering a priceless set of blueprints that were exclusively created just for you. A diagram of your soul’s energy. An Energetic MRI, authentic, complete, as unique as your fingerprint.

Think about being able to uncover who you were designed to be, rather than a product of what society said you should be. Think about the possibility of transformation at the core level.

That’s exactly what Human Design, “The Science of Differentiation” can unlock.

Ready for Your Personal Alchemy?

A Destiny by Design session will provide you with insights about how you were originally engineered and allow you to discover the path to living a more authentic life.

When you uncover the mysteries of your energies and how you can harness that energy to create the path of least resistance, you will be able to move forward in ways that will amaze.


• Gain a different perspective of who you are so that you can live your life with greater clarity and become more consciously aware

• Learn how to align yourself to the world around you and enjoy the freedom that comes with seeing the “whole picture” of your life

• Learn how to limit resistance and approach life with greater ease by making decisions from openness, rather than conditioning

• Learn how you can limit the negative effects of conventional wisdom to maximize your power and your potential

• Learn how to make decisions that work with, rather than against, your true nature

• Gain a better understanding of your emotional and intellectual responses to others to forge positive relationships

• Access powerful learning tools and practical meditations to help raise your energetic vibration

As part of your Destiny by Design session, you will receive an exclusively created 1 oz. Flower Essence tincture based on your Human Design Type.

The Healing Power of Flower Essences

Plant medicine has been used for centuries by many cultures because of its unique ability to subtly address physical ailments. Lesser known is the amazing ability of plants to assist in emotional wellbeing

Each flower has a unique essence that can help to address emotional patterns of behavior. They also have the ability to gently shirt our consciousness so that we can operate from a higher vibration.

When we raise our vibrations, not only will we be able to find understanding and freedom of challenges that are often common to a design, but we will also be able to attract the proper opportunities to promote positive expression of the design in life with ease.

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