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Let’s talk about some real shit. Your mind is a sanctuary, your body is a temple. There is more to self-care than squats and smoothies. There is more to a balanced life than hitting the gym in the morning and hitting the club at night. This literature is for the soul in search.

You’ve probably read your share of articles with titles like “How To Get A Six-Pack By This Weekend” or “Find The Best Chia Pudding Recipe For Your Zodiac Sign”. We’ve read them too, and found that something was missing.

We want to read stories about relatable people who value a healthy approach to wellness rather than luxury yoga pants or the newest fad diet. Rather than seeing all the same trending topics, we want to discover how to reconcile our social lives with our health goals and learn new ways to balance the two. We want to be surprised, supported, inspired, and provoked with real stories about real people. Instead of stressing out over self-improvement, we want to start with loving the self in all its mess and glory.

After searching the top fitness blogs and wellness sites, we couldn’t find these stories— our stories— anywhere. So, we started writing them.

Turns out there’s more to health and wellness than activated charcoal and the latest sneaker. Who knew? Vibing with one of our stories? Share it with your friends! Everyone could use a little more love, inspiration, and support in their lives.