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WELLVYL: NYC. About that fitness, wellness, Thirsty Thursday life.

Since the inception of sugar-free snacking, there’s been the misconception that health and fun can’t coexist. For too long, the health and fitness world has been dominated by elitist, sterile sentiments, while the idea of fun has adopted the shape of one too many late nights and shots of bad tequila. The reality is you don’t have to sacrifice your social life to maintain your healthy lifestyle. At Wellvyl, we aim to help foster balance both for people living “down the middle” as well as those living on the edge— either edge. We believe that cultivating a balance between the mind, body, soul, and relationships can create a happier, healthier human population who, in turn, can change the world.

Through our events, magazine, and collaborations, we strive to support social wellness, or healthy relationships with our fellow human beings, selves, and our world. We believe in a post-gender, post-race, and post-politics movement and welcome diverse, like-minded individuals with the promise that that movement starts here.

Wellvyl invites you to question, to create, to demand, and to join our community for some healthy fun.  Stop thinking New York nightlife sucks and embrace the movement toward wellness, inclusiveness, and positive thinking.

Going out just got healthy.


The Healthy Fun Club

Think New York’s nightlife scene sucks? We did too. That’s why we created the healthy nightclub movement. You can enjoy all the fun of a social gathering while meeting your fitness goals for the week. What are you waiting for? Throw on your athleisure and join us to create some memorable moments and form new relationships.

Meet. Mingle. Be Well.

Sick of swiping right just to be disappointed when you meet up? Stop meeting people online and make some real connections with real, like-minded people. Whether you’re looking for a date, a gym buddy, or a new friend, you’ll find connections that share the same passion for their wellness.

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