We are here to discuss Social Wellness. What it means. What are Societal Ills. What create them. How to overcome them. How can we improve our human interactions. And what does healthy communication look, sounds, and feel like.


Our Content will breakdown into three categories;

  • Societal Ills: racism, genderism, ableism, classism, family relationships, dating, social media, elitism, ghosting, mental illness, etc.
  • Social Wellness News: ‘Healthy Shifts’ in; nightlife, dating apps, dining, local government, public policy, companies, etc.
  • Social Science Breakthroughs & Thought: Psychology, Sociology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Anthropology, Communication, Public Health, Rehabilitation, etc.

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The mind is at it’s best when we feed it good stuff. Let us fill it up with thought-provoking podcasts, videos that will leave you feeling hungry for more, and stories that will make you reconsider what you thought you knew. How do politics, the environment, science, education, research, and philosophy relate to this social construct of wellness? The intersection of these topics and the wellness world can be a dark twisted fantasy, and we’re here to debunk the bullshit.

We only get one body. From expanding the body positive movement to figuring out ways to move that works for you, together we will learn how to love it, move it, and treat it right. We’ll be serving up our perspective on all that NYC has to offer, from personal trainers to group fitness classes, new therapies to trending wellness practices. No sponsored opinions, just real talk. Let’s get rid of this idea that if we aren’t participating in a certain trend, we aren’t apart of the larger movement to love our bodies.



Allow us to ignite the fire for the soul in search. Somehow we are all one species on one planet in a sea of galaxies, and understanding why we are here is crucial to understanding what it means to be human. Exploring spirituality, culture, art, music, healing practices, self love, and holistic methods will bring us closer to our deepest questions. Let’s live that woke life, one story at a time.

We believe that social wellness is the primary pillar of health, supported by the Mind, Body, & Soul. Co-existing is the secret sauce to our best life. Social wellness is a lifestyle, manifested in our relationships, our interactions with strangers, how we party, where we live, where we travel, even the types of restaurants and hotels we like. We’re out here trying to figure out how to co-exist a little better, one act of kindness at a time.