About Events

We believe the key to health is how we treat each other. 

New Yorkers are social creatures by nature, but also by default. We ride the subway together, hit the gym, go to work, go to parties, and spend all day soaking up each other’s energy. That energy needs to be positive, or all of the work we do on our Mind, Body, and Soul doesn’t matter.

That’s why we love creating community, and helping you find all of the healthy fun shit to do in New York. We want to help you be healthier—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.


Mind events give your brain something to chew on. We are at our best when we are challenged, educated, and entertained. You'll find your film screenings, panels, and workshops here.


Body events let us get physical. This includes every manifestation of being body positive: from group fitness to that self care life.


Soul events are where we get mindful with it, and deepen our spiritual connection. Meditation, healing, and the performing arts are all ways we can feed our souls.


Social events are centered around making connections and having fun. Think dance parties minus the heels and kombucha happy hours.